Music Acts

Music Acts

Michael Thomas from New York

Michael has played the keynote gig at the festival, Saturday Night in Rosatos for the past three years. He is  a virtuoso guitarist.

Originally from New York he lives in Portstewart now. He played regularly with the late Henry McCullough ex of Paul McCartneys’ Wings and who was the only Irishman to play at Woodstock in his Greaseband days. He’s not to be missed playing on both the Friday and Saturday in Rosatos.

The Dylanites from Derry

Top class 5-piece band form Derry they played previously at the DylanFest in Moville.

Paddy the Shoe from Moville

Pady is arguably Moville’s best all-round musician playing many different instruments. Said his sister Carmel, “All Paddy wanted to do, even when he was a little boy, was play music”.

Despite being self-taught, himself, Paddy has brought up two generations of Moville youngster to play music and introduced them all to Dylan music in his role as school Principal and teacher.

Indeed, it was because there was so much Dylan music played in Moville, due to Paddy’s influence that the DylanFest was started in the first place.

Shaun Hiboy from Moville

Shaun, from Moville, has played many of the DylanFests there.

Shaun once went on a songwriting course run by Glen Hansard, and the song he wrote was picked out by Glen Hansard as the best. Sometimes play with Paddy the Shoe.

Ryan O’Dochartaigh from Derry

Ryan has played at previous DylanFests both as a duo and with a full band. Said organiser Gerry McLaughlin “I remember in one of the early years of the DylanFest that I attended a play about Dylan in the local Temperence Hall on the first night of the festival. There were not many people there.

“I remembering wondering whether many people had come for the festival that year. Would it be a flop? I looked in the back door of the Bar- A Cuda to see if there were many there. The whole place was packed out to see Ryan’s band. Not only that everybody was up on the floor jiving to Dylan songs”.

Ryan, whether he playing as a duo with Kevin Brown from Derry or in a full band, plays Dylan songs upbeat.

He and Kevin impressed so much at the DylanFest that they were given a regular gig at the iconic Rosatos Bar in Moville.