Friday Night Events at DylanFest Moville 2019

Rosatos Bar in Moville

Egon Callery in the Corner Bar

The night starts and ends with Dutchman Egon Callery. According to huge Dylan fan Paddy the Shoe, Egon is one of he class acts about the place. he’s right up there with he very best. He will start off an Open Mic night in the Corner Bar at 8pm. He will play for half an hour and then hand over to anyone else who wants to play a couple of Dylan songs.

One who has taken up that offer is Chris Barnes from England. He will be hosting the Saturday and Sunday afternoon outdoor Open Mics in he benches outside Rosatos at 4pm each day.

Lets hope a few fans volunteer this evening in the Corner Bar.

Shaun Hiboy in the Foyle Hotel

At 9:30pm Shaun Hiboy will start in the Foyle Hotel. Shaun and Paddy the Shoe used to make Rawdon’s the most popular pub in town on a Saturday night. They played a lot of Dylan songs in their set. Shaun always finished up the gig with Like a Rolling Stone with everyone joining in. He helped make that song Moville’s new Anthem.

Shaun once went to a songwriting workshop hosted by Glen Hansard.They all had to write a song on he last day. Guess who won the Best Song award? It was Shaun Hiboy. Maybe he’ll let you hear it tonight.

Dylan Quiz and Egon Callery in Rosatos

Also at 9:330 in Rosatos there will be a Dylan quiz. Not all the questions will be about Dylan to be fair to the regular quiz goers there. But 26 out of the 60 questions will be about Dylan.

How do I know that? Well, I wrote the questions. So don’t ask me the answers (unless you buy me a drink first).

When the questions are over at around 11:30pm Egon Callery takes over. As I say he is much sought after. Indeed he’s wanted by two pubs in the one night.

It’s going to be a great night.

DylanFest Open Mics at this year’s DylanFest on the Lough

Rosatos Bar in Moville

DylanFest Open Mics

There will be three DylanFest open mics at this year’s festival.

There are quite a few people who come to the DylanFest who can play and sing a few Dylan songs but couldn’t do a full set. Or maybe they could but don’t have the confidence to do so. Or maybe yet again they are not quite good enough.

For those we put on Open Mics. This is the people’s part of the festival and is very enjoyable for those participating and those just watching. A couple of years ago we had half a dozen people playing guitars in the benches outside Rosatos along with a drummer and flautist. It went down really well and everyone had a load of fun.

It didn’t happen last year mainly because there was no one to start it all off. That was mainly because regular DylanFest goer Mickey the Hat didn’t come. He can’t come again this year but we are going to make sure it happens. We’ll get someone to start it off.

DylanFest Open Mic in the Corner Bar

The first Open Mic of the weekend will happen in the Corner Bar on the Friday night (Aug 23rd). Dutchman, Egon, who lives locally will play Dylan songs for half an hour and then hand over to those who want to play a couple of Dylan tunes.

Each player will do two Dylan songs and then hand over to the next one. There may be chances to do a couple more later on depending on how many players there are there.

Open Air Open Mics at Rosatos

The other two Open Mics will also be Open Air. They will be on the benches outside Rosatos. They’ll kick off at 4pm and will go on till whenever. One year they went on till the night time gig in Rosatos started at 10:30pm. Indeed they overlapped.

These will take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 4pm till whenever.

If you want to play just contact me at [email protected] and let me know which sessions you want to play at.