DylanFest Programme

DylanFest 2022 Programme

August 25th – 28th

Moville / Muff

Programme of Events

Come Gather Round People Night (Thu)

9:00pm – Corner Bar – Benny Doherty with Guest Appearances

8pm – McGettigan’s – DylanFest Barbecue with Ian and Val from Glasgow

No Direction Home Night (Fri)

10pm – Rosatos – Michael Thomas
10pm – Corner Bar – Mr Jones (Shaun Hiboy)

Mr Tambourine Man Night (Sat)

3pm – Open Mic Outside Rosatos
9pm – Corner Bar – Egon Callery followed by Open Mic at 11pm
10pm – Rosatos – Chris Chalmers of the 2:19 from Belfast with Guests
10pm – Squealin’ Pig (Muff) – Contraband

Lay, Lady Lay Night (Sun)

3pm – Open Mic outside Rosatos

7pm – Indoor Open Mic (venue not chosen yet)

9:30 – Corner Bar – George McCormick Band

For more info on the acts click on DylanFest Performers

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