DylanFest 2019 Events on Friday in Culdaff

Ryan O'Dochartaigh

DylanFest 2019 Events

The great Al Diesan, probably the best Dylan act in the world, will be in Culdaff tonight. He will be playing in iconic music venue McGrory’s. They have had some great acts in there over the years but Al would be up with the best of them.

After missing the DylanFest last year, Al is back. He played a fantastic gig in Rosatos to open the festival on Thursday night. McGrory’s is in for a treat.

Ryan O’Dochartaigh in McGuinness’s Bar in Culdaff

One of the best bands ever to play the DylanFest are the Dylanites from Derry. They will be playing in the Marquee in McGuinness’s Bar in Culdaff on Saturday night. They play Dylan upbeat and you see lots of people getting up to dance to Dylan songs when they play.

The main man in the band is Ryam O’Docgartaigh and he will play in McGuinness’s Bar or Marquee tonight. He was originally booked as a solo act but I hear that he will be performing with someone else in a duo.

Catch Both Acts

The great thing about the whole thing is that Dylan fans can catch both acts. Al Diesan starts at 9:30 tonight and Ryan at 10:30.

Both of these acts have to be seen. They’re both fantastic.

It should be a great night in Culdaff.

DylanFest in Culdaff – Welcome to the Swinging Sixties

DylanFest in Culdaff

There will be a DylanFest in Culdaff this year as well as Moville. It is the first time that Culdaff have really been in it.

We had a trial last year when McGrory’s asked for a Dylan act for the Saturday night. It was supposed to be the great Al Diesan playing. However, he had injured himself in a fall and had to pull out. Shaun Hiboy from Moville deputised.

McGuinness’s and McGrory’s Join DylanFest in Culdaff

Shaun must have done pretty well as McGrory’s decided to take acts on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this year’s DylanFest. Not only that but McGuinness’s Bar in Culdaff joined them in coming in for all three nights.

Indeed McGuinness’s are going to put their acts on in their Marquee.

And what acts they are.

Culdaff – DylanFest Programme of Events

Here’s the programme for he DylanFest in Culdaff during the festival.

Friday (Aug 23d)

9:30 – McGrory’s – Al Diesan

10:30 – McGuinness’s – Ryan O’Dochartaigh

Thursday (Aug 24th)

9:30 – McGrory’s – Cajum Moon

10:30 – McGuinness’s – The Dylanites (5-piece)

Sunday (Aug 25th)

9:30 – McGuiness’s – Michal Thomas

9:30 – McGroroy’s – Mr Jones

For further information on those acts click on DylanFest Music Acts

DylanFest in Derry – The Dylanites to Play the Gweedore Tonight

Ryan O'Dochartaigh

The Dylanites

The Dylanites, who hail from Derry, are one of the best Dylan bands around.

They will be playing in the Gweedore Bar in Derry tonight from 11pm to 1am.

This is not the first time they have played the DylanFest.

They played The Bar-a-Cuda in the 2nd year of the DylanFest in Moville.

DylanFest in St Eugene’s Hall

I had brought a playwright from Canada to perform in St Eugene’s Hall, the local Temperance Hall.

He had met Dylan twice and had got permission from him to create a play based solely on words Dylan has used and with some of his greatest songs.

The DylanFest had been a big success in its first year – but was it a one-off?

The opening night in Rosatos went well – but that was only on in one pub.

I went to the play on the Friday evening.

It was very good – but there were only about 30 to 40 people there.

As I was leaving afterwards I wondered whether many people would come this year.

The Dylanites in Moville at the Bar-A-Cuda

I decided to take a look in the back door to see if there was many in the Bar-A-Cuda where The Dylanites were playing.

My heart lifted.

The place was mobbed.

Not only that, everyone was up on the floor bopping along to The Dylanites up tempo Dylan music.

I then went to Rosatos to find that there was a good crowd there to see Jacques Mees from Holland.

I would heavily recommend going to see The Dylanites.

You may well find yourself bopping about and up dancing to Dylan songs.